Staff Directory

The real estate development team at CPRT brings decades of combined experience to the process of planning, designing, financing and building to every project. CPRT is led by Carolyn Martin. She brings more than four decades of real estate management and expertise to the firm. Under her leadership, CPRT has become a nationally recognized real estate investment trust that is developing new and leading-edge real estate developments across the American Southeast.

Carolyn Martin  |   President & CEO

Phone: 225.709.1701

Ty McMains  |  Chief Operating Officer/General Counsel/Leasing

Phone: 225.709.1753

George Richards  |  Senior Vice President, North Carolina

Phone: 919.871.5700

Joey Lambert  |  Vice President of Construction

Phone: 225.709.1719

Richele Rome  |  Development & Finance

Phone: 225.709.1701

Property Management

Ronnie Patton | Construction Manager

Phone: 225.924.7206

Illya Smirnov  |  Property Manager

Phone: 225.709.1746

Art Fesmire  |  Property Manager/Development

Phone: 225.709.1711


Tara Oskins, CPA | Chief Financial Officer

Phone: 225.709.1705

Crystal Darbonne  |  Accounting Manager

Phone: 225.709.1720

Peggy Grant  |  Accounting Specialist

Phone: 225.709.1712

Judy Amick  |  Accounting Administrator

Phone: 225.709.1755


Donna Cline  |  Insurance & Property Management Coordinator

Phone: 225.709.1722

Cheri Mullenix  |  Project Coordinator

Phone: 225.709.1704

Andrea Farmer  |  Reception


Residential Leasing

Phone: 225.709.1733

Tracy Britt  |  Residential Concierge

Phone: 225.709.1710

Marketing & Hospitality

Tina Rance  |  Vice President of Marketing & Hospitality

Phone: 225.709.1743

Stephanie Day  |  Director of Events

The Estuary

Phone: 225.709.1724